Most new nonprofits find it difficult to “get off the ground”. For most, funding is the key concern, while development for purposes of sustainability is often overlooked. Development occurs from the ground up, and we usually find that new nonprofits fail fast when they fail to develop.

My Nonprofit Coaching & Consulting services and products offer an innovative approach to developing your organization. In addition to development-based consulting and technical assistance, our coaching services, trainings, webinars, and workshops are here to ensure that you and your organization are ahead of the game.




Tykeysha “Ty” Boone is President, NPO Success Strategist & and Chief Consultant at Ty Boone Enterprises, LLC.

Ty has a diverse background in program development and nonprofit management and education. She has served in nonprofit leadership positions including Director of Education and Outreach for a local non-profit organization, and has worked since 1998 in the grantsmanship arena, holding positions of research and contract manager, senior program manager, and clinical trials administrator. Collectively, these positions have resulted in the acquisition or management of several million dollars in funding awards.

Ty is published in a number of peer-reviewed research journals and has served as peer reviewer for such journals as the American Journal of Public Health. She has held a list of professional training certifications and memberships including the Society of Public Health Educators (SOPHE), American Association for Health Education, and the American Association of Grant Professionals (AAGP) and holds a certification in nonprofit consulting (CNC).

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